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Mai 3, 2003 Version 0.5   is released.
All the bugs in the previous version fixed. The graphical interface is more convivial and a dialog is added at the end allowing the user to play more or quit completely the game.
April 14, 2003 Version 0.4   is available.
Now real cards are used instead of simply different colors.
June 20, 2002 Version 0.3   is released.
More rules are supported, so you will have more fun while playing Ronda.
March 15, 2002 I am working on the new version.
The new version will not allow cards of a same number on the table for the first time. And cards remaining on the table will be given to the player who was the last to get a card from the table; see the Rules of the game (rules 2 and 4).

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