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Ronda's Howto






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1. Go to the directory where you have installed ronda : cd c:\ronda from dos or go to this directory from windows explorer.

2. Type ronda, or just doubleclick the file ronda if you are not in dos. On the screen you will see informations about the current version, the author and the Licence. Just press any key and the game will begin.

3. Your cards are in the bottom of the screen, the computer's cards are hidden with black color. But you can see each card before the computer will use it. At the left of the screen are registred the number of cards and points each player have got. And in the right side there is a rectangle you can select with mouse in the case you have "ronda" (two cards of the same number). Then you select with the mouse the card you want to play with, the mouse pointer change of appearance, then just select the cards you want to get and press any key to continue.

4. The virtual player (the program or the computer) will play, he will show you the card he will use and will wait until you press a key to continue.

5. Then you can play as you did in step 3 and so on until there is no cards.